IN THE ARMY- 1990-91
I joined the Italian army (mandatory) in 1990 for a long one year. I was in the Brigata Paracadutisti
Folgore, a very special corp of the Italian army elite. It was very hard in the beginning but then it turned
out to be a fully enjoyable experience. My "scaglione " was the 9-90 and the compagnia was the 16th
Grifo. I jumped 9 times off military planes, twice at night and partecipated in a military mission in the
Puglia region to contain  the masses of  Albanian immigrants due to the fall of the communist regime
I nearly volunteered to go to the 1st Gulf War but then changed my mind. I spent all of my military year
based in  Pisa, in the "Compagnia Comando e Servizi".
JANUARY 1991- In
the Army- Brigata
Paracadutisti Folgore-
PISA - About to
JUMP for the first time  
from a C130 military
plane. Smile on my face
but shitting myself
SPRING 1991-
8th JUMP. It was
a night jump,
could not see
anything but
landed ok, all in
Rambo style.
JANUARY 1991- This pic
was taken while falling
down..the parachute  was of
course open...
Wating to go for a
took this picture on
my second jump
while descending in
the landing field of
Altopascio (LUCCA)
MARCH 1991-
Brindisi- On a mission
at the camp for
Albanian refugees.
Easter 1991- Rapolano Terme
(Siena) - A week spent on the
watch at the ammuniton deposit
Easter 1991-
Rapolano Terme
All the  9
Scaglione  1990