Born and educated in Perugia, Italy, Silvio lives in Madrid, after having lived in the past 12 years in
Middlesbrough UK,  Sao Paulo, Brasil and Florence, Kentucky - USA
A business executive within the plastic packaging industry, fluent in four languages,  he is extremely
passionate about paragliding.
He is an accomplished paraglider pilot with 5 years and more than 510 hours of flying experience in
all kinds of conditions and sites. Back in 1991, while in Pisa in the army, he bought himself a Lisi  
paraglider and self-taught started flying by himself. This was a big mistake, not knowing anything
about areodynamics, metereology, flying without helmet, reserve etc...he had one scary moment in
Castelluccio which prompted him to sell his first glider and abandon the sport. But the flying bug
remained inside him and after 11 years Silvio learned to fly again properly in 2003 in Madrid with
Nico from Volando De Madriz al Cielo flying school and has progressed rapidly through the sport.
He  became an advanced pilot early on in his career after working his way through the regional and
national paragliding competitions in Spain. He flew Windtech (Tonic DHV1), Airwave (Sport2 -
Sport3 DHV1-2) Ozone (Addict DHV2) and now flies a UP Trango 3 (DHV 2-3). He is also a tandem
pilot but only flies tandem with his wife...

He started competing in the regional league "Liga Centro in Spain  in 2004.
He won in 2006 the Spanish National Paragliging League in the Club class
He came second in the Spanish National Championship in Ager (Lleida) in 2006 in the club class
He came third in the Spanish National Championship in Ager (Lleida) in 2006 in the sport class
He won the Liga Centro in 2006 in the club class.

Partecipation in Spanish Competitions
Liga Centro 2004
Liga Centro 2005
Liga Centro 2006
Liga Centro 2007
Liga Nacional 2005 (Larouco - Taucho)
Liga Nacional 2006 (Sierra Nevada-Castejon de Sos- Larouco- Arcones- El Bosque- Taucho)
Liga Nacional 2007  (Sierra Nevada- Castejon de Sos- Canalda)
Spanish Championship 2005 - Berga (Barcelona)
Spanish Championship 2006 Ager (Lleida ) 2nd in the club class- 31st Overall
Spanish Championship 2007 Pegalajar (Jaen) 70th overall

International competitions
2005 Bir-Billing Pre-World Cup (India) 47th overall
2005 Iberian Cup - Larouco (Portugal)
2006- Iberian Cup Larouco (Portugal)
2007 Governador Valadares Open (Brazil)
2007 VIP Vicenza International Paragliding -Pre World Cup Italy 81st Overall
2007 Poggio Bustone (Italy) Pre- World Cup 88th Overall
2007 British Open Piedrahita  104th Overall
2007  Brazilian National Championship  Open- Araxa' (Brasil)  31st Overall
2008  Monarca Open Valle de Bravo (Mexico) 111th overall
2008 Pre-World Championship - Valle de Bravo (Mexico)  - 113th overall
2008 Copa Halcones - Pre-World Cup FAI II (Arcones- Spain)  - 54th Overall

Current Flying Equipment
Wing - UP Trango3
Harness- Advance Impress
Reserve- Vonblon Rogallo Parachute
Instruments- Aircotec XC Trainer - Vario-GPS + MLR GPS

Current personal best distance record of 119km on a DHV1-2 wing (Airwave Sport 3) in Pitolero
(Plasencia - Spain)
Best position in the Spanish Paraglidng Ranking - 34th in 2006
Winner of 2006 Spanish National League Club Class.

He is seeking sponsorship to advertise on his glider. Please contact via e-mail.